Questions That You Would Want to Ask Us.

Health care is everybody’s primary concern. New technologies have made it easier for treating injuries and health issues. Orthopedics is a part of medicine that deals with injuries and disease of joints, bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves and tendons. If you are suffering from any injury or if it hurts to move certain areas of your body and you are not sure about the cause, it is the right time to see an orthopedic surgeon. Waiting to get the treatment would worsen things.

Here are some questions that you would want to ask us.

1. How long is it going to take for full recovery ?

It is important to know when you are about to undergo any orthopedic treatment procedure that how long it will take for full recovery. Discuss all the possibilities of prescribed course of treatment and how often you need to come back for the checkups.

2. Is surgery necessary ?

You could ask, Is a surgery necessary and if there is any other simpler treatment option ? You should sit and discuss in detail about the treatment.

3. How many of these surgeries have you performed ?

You can make sure that your doctor is an expert in this field. If you know your doctor is highly experienced and have performed the surgery many times before, you will feel calm and you will undergo a smooth and successful treatment procedure.

4. What are the kind of complications ?
Your doctor should be able to tell you about the complications. You could also ask him how often did his/her patients experienced complications.

5 . How my life will change after the surgery ?

If you are undergoing surgery you can expect thing to be different. You could ask him what it would be like after the surgery and recovery.

If you have got more questions on your mind, feel free to ask our Orthopedic doctors at Kasturi Hospitals, Hyderabad.

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